Student Financial Aid Application Form

Please read through all information concerning Financial Aid eligibility, criteria, and complete the application form in full before submit. The following award criteria are to be used.

A. The student has received an enrollment offer (enrollment agreement) to a covered program at Jubilee University. (This confirms the following:)

   1. Active WOA church membership.
   2. Determination to serve in ministry in the future.
   3. General eligibility to study in at least one covered program.
   4. Location of study.

B. The student is current with all other past obligations to Jubilee University.

Financial Aid recipients are notified by email from Student Finance Office regarding award status. If you do not receive any notification letter, please contact Financial Aid officer immediately by email at

SECTION A —Student Information

This section pertains to the student who is applying for aid.

SECTION B — Tuition Estimation and Your Resources

Your total yearly budget (estimation) is as follows:

- Bachelor of Theology     $12,015.00
- Bachelor of Church Music     $12,015.00
- Master of Divinity     $10,772.00
- Master of Church Music     $11,764.00

SECTION C — Financial Aid Request

SECTION D — Ministry Involvement

SECTION E —Certification and Authorization

I declare that the above information, to the best of my knowledge, is true, accurate, and complete. I agree, if asked, to provide information to verify the accuracy of my completed financial aid forms. If I receive financial aid funds, these funds will be used only for expenses related to my study at Jubilee University. I further agree to notify the Finance Office if I receive any additional scholarship money from other sources not listed on this application. I also understand that my financial aid award is subject to revision based upon changes to any of the above information, and that all awards are subject to the availability of funds.

WARNING: Providing false information may result in a college revoking its initial decision to enroll the student. Students are not required to be employed in order to receive scholarship funding.
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