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Jubilee University Becomes Religious Exempted School in Missouri

Jubilee University has received exemption as a religious school in the State of Missouri. As a religious exempted school, Jubilee is exempt from the requirements of statutes regulating private postsecondary education in the state. 

Jubilee was established on May 20, 2020, with the vision of establishing a Biblical institution for higher education in Missouri aimed at training current and future ministers to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Mt. 28:18-20) through education in multiple fields of study, including theology and music.

The school moved into its main campus in Lexington, Mo., on June 17 the same year and is preparing to welcome its first students later in 2021.

Jubilee is currently pursuing initial accreditation from the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

Jubilee University to Develop Online Music Course

Jubilee University Academic Department is in the progress of developing online course which can be offered to benefit the upcoming students at Jubilee University.

In addition to the current existing courses, the new course such as virtual choir and online music lesson are suggested in accordance with the recent music study program.

The Academic Department of Jubilee University is researching to develop the best online music course which can be a valuable resource to raise up worship leaders and godly musicians.

Press Release: Jubilee University Welcomes Town At First ‘Meet & Greet’

Lexington – On Saturday, October 10, Jubilee University invited neighbors and friends to a two-hour “Meet & Greet,” which was the university’s first public event since its parent organization Jubilee World purchased the former Wentworth Military Academy campus in Lexington, Missouri, in late June. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the event drew a larger-than-expected crowd and was divided into two parts, the first hour featuring speakers and presentations and the second half featuring live music by Jubilee World singers and musicians.

Kicking off in a beautiful autumn setting, the first half of the event featured speakers from Jubilee University as well as its parent organization Jubilee World who shared the history, mission, and vision of the two organizations and how they are partnering to make the university start successful.

Following the presentations, the Mayor of Lexington, Joe Aull, shared a word of blessing for the university and informed visitors how the university and city are looking to work together going forward. The first half of the program was concluded by local pastor Rev. Devasahayam Gudime, who prayed for the leadership of the university and the city as well as all future activities taking place at Jubilee university.

During a brief intermission, visitors were able to mingle freely and meet university leaders and staff to get to know each other and ask questions and share concerns. The second half of the program then followed with a diverse selection of live music by singers and musicians from Jubilee World, showcasing to an extent how the university will help spread church music and shape future generations of ministers.

The event abided by all local and national guidance regarding face coverings as well as social distancing and disinfection, featuring a strict face mask requirement, spaced-out seating, and hand-sanitizer available to all visitors.


For media inquiries, please contact Jubilee University at info@jubileeuniv.org
More information about Jubilee University can be found at www.jubileeuniv.org
More information about Jubilee World can be found at www.jubileeworld.org

Jubilee University Hands Over Memorabilia To WMA Museum

On Oct. 2, Jubilee University leadership was invited to the Wentworth Military Academy Museum’s annual homecoming event. During the meeting, several memorabilia that had to be left behind during Wentworth’s final days–including building lettering and crests from the Administration Building and the former Tillotson Barracks–were officially handed over to the Museum as a sign of friendship and gratitude between alumni of the former school and the budding University.

After sharing a brief presentation about the University’s upcoming plans and its hopes to help “keep the Wentworth spirit alive,” leaders from the both the Museum and the University posed together with some of the memorabilia, together forming the acronym WMA for the former school.

Originally, the WMA Museum had hoped to hold a bonfire at its traditional spot on University grounds, but due to unforeseen circumstances the decision was made to move it to a different location this year.

Meet & Greet At Jubilee University – You Are Invited!

You are hereby cordially invited to the upcoming Meet & Greet at Jubilee University’s campus at 1880 Washington Avenue in Lexington, Missouri (formerly home to Wentworth Military Academy).

The event is free of charge and will take place Oct. 10 between 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

The first hour will be an opportunity to meet with some of the staff and friends of the university, with the second hour being an opportunity to walk the grounds and listen to music. There will also be gifts and refreshments.

Unfortunately, at this point, there is no access to any of the buildings, both pertaining to the ongoing pandemic as well as building repairs currently being undertaken.

While the event is free of charge, we kindly ask all visitors to register in advance via the link below:


We look forward to seeing you there!

IMPORTANT: In order to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus, visitors are required to wear masks or face coverings at all times while on university grounds. It is predicted that by the end of the year, the virus will have caused more US deaths in 2020 than all 2017 deaths of diabetes, influenza, pneumonia, kidney disease and suicide combined.

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